Gotta Love Ross

Ted and I stopped into Ross Dress for Less last night just to browse the aisles and of course I found a few items I couldn't live without!!! (I had two giftcards burning a hole in my pocket!)
Like these BC Footwear shoes... $12.99

Ted made out like a bandit with these Levi's 511 jeans for only $20!
and these Fossil beauties for $25 (which are up on Zappos for $85)



Amazon has plenty of cheap chalk boards to choose from! These were both under $15.

I love the way a menu or just a thank you note looks up on a chalkboard!


I Got It!!!!!

My Janome Magnolia 7330 sewing machine that I've been dreaming about for a long time now!!! Ted's loving family gave it to me for my birthday! Man, oh man, am I so super excited! My imagination is running wild with fun projects but first, I have to figure out how to sting the thread... haha! As you can tell, I'm a little overwhelmed with happiness.... I'll keep you up to date with my progress



i {heart} Sushi & Friends

Yesterday was a great day! It started as usual, went to work, came home, my friend Cody came over and we went to grab a sandwich at a local coffee house, then Ted came home early and surprised me with a cute card and a giftcard for Target! For those who know me, I consider that to be the BEST gift ever! I went to school for 2 1/2 hours and snuck out to come home for some sushi with friends. It was awesome! The food was outstanding, the drinks were great and of course the company can't be beat! All in all, this year is one of my favorite birthdays after all.
Thank you Ted for making me feel like a real special person on my birthday!!! I love you!


It's My Birf-day

Hello everyone! Today I turn a whopping 26 years old...

I have always loved my birthday(I still do, but)...this one's different! It's weird! In the past I have always wanted to make a big deal of my (actually anyone's) birthday but this time, I'm okay just spending my birthday at work and school and coming home to get to sleep early... I guess I'm realizing that I am getting older and it's a weird feeling!

Anyone else feel this way?

*On another note, I had a wonderful weekend! I did the hair/makeup for Ted's sister's wedding on Saturday. She looked so beautiful! I'm so proud to call her my sister (in law)!!!
*On Sunday, Ted set up a brunch with some of our friends and we rode our bikes up there. After brunch, we stopped by Extraordinary Desserts to pick up a birthday dessert and we took them over to a grassy knoll in Balboa Park. It was so sweet! We checked out the Botanical Garden area and then headed over to the Photography Museum to admire Ansel Adams' work. Then we rode home and watched an "X-Files" marathon, then had some leftovers for dinner and watched The Fellowship of the Ring! It was a perfect day!


Hope You Had A GREAT 3 Day!!!

I sure did! It was packed full of bike-riding, family and of course loads of fun! I sure do hate when these wonderful weekends come to an end though...


Urban Outfitters

I came across this adorable baby holga camera on sale at Urban Outfitters for only $19.99. It includes 1 roll of film! I love how "dreamy" the pictures turn out!

**I couldn't resist! I bought this yesterday!!!**