Easter Surprise...

While visiting my future in-laws for Easter yesterday, we got a less than the normal Easter surprise... An earthquake. A 7.2 earthquake to be exact down in Mexico.

I was sitting on the ground with my sister in-law watching the boys fly a kite when the ground all of a sudden started to "roll". It wasn't shaking, but more like the feeling of a water bed. After about 4 seconds, I realized that we were having an earthquake. It went on for at least 25 seconds, which if you've ever been in any sort of scary situation, feels like an eternity.

We could hear the doors on the houses around us shaking and the water in the pool was sloshing around. It was one of the neatest/scariest moments. It was neat that when the Earth decided to "talk", I was laying right there and felt every "word". But scary because it went on for so long and I've seen too many stupid movies that the ground cracks open and people fall in... yes, I'm embarrased to say that that did go through my head.