i {heart} Eye Of The Hawk

My amazingly talented future husband, along with his friend Cliff Rollins, have created a musical perfection named Eye Of The Hawk. Check them out on their Myspace site... Many more amazing things to come!!! Show your support by adding them as a friend!


Manditory Music

i {heart} Bows

They're so feminine and girly but dramatic and sexy at the same time!
I love them!


i {heart} David's Bridal

I'm loving the thrid dress... and for under $500, what a steal!

{first: $750, second: $780, third: $800 Sale $475}


Amazing Head Pieces

Are you a traditional wedding veil or a risk taker kinda gal?

I'm definately a risk taker! These headpieces are incredible!!!


Vintage Finds

I am absolutely in love with the first dress found on Etsy

{click on the images}


i {heart} Vera Wang

Spring 2010 Collection
Just breath-taking! I absolutely LOVE the first one!!!

Rest Of The Week

So I ended on Tuesday in my last post... We actually didn't wind up going to the Zoo but went to Walmart instead to print out some pictures for this awesome frame Ted picked up. We had a great dinner and watched (what else) X-Files.

Wednesday, our friends came over for some veggie lasagna and a yummy salad. This was the first time ever making lasagna and it came out wonderful (if I say so myself)!

Thursday, we went to Balboa Park for Screen on the Green. We brought a huge picnic on our bikes and met up with a friend. It was pretty neat and best of all, free!

Friday, we had what I'd like to call, one of the best date nights EVER! Ted ordered Indian food and had it delivered. When it got to us, we packed it all up on our bikes and rode over to Balboa Park and sat under a beautiful tree and had a picnic. The food was great but the company was better!!! When we finished, we rode our bikes right around the corner to the Zoo. We finally got a chance to do that Nighttime Zoo thing and boy was it cool! We were like the only ones there once it got close to closing time and we were just cruising around. It was so much fun. Just the two of us.

Saturday, we went up to Ramona for Ted to do a Rocket Build (model) and we also celebrated his grandma's 82nd birthday. We took her out to Denny's and Ted had the waitresses sing her happy birthday with some icecream. I thought that was so cute!

Sunday, we slept in, made some breakfast tacos, went to Target to do some much needed shopping and then came home and did some also much needed laundry! Watched some X-Files and went to bed!


One Week Off!!!

And I'm loving every minute of it!!!
As you know, I'm in Cosmetology school. It's one of the longest, most difficult things I think I've ever done... Every single night from 5:30-9:45pm, only one week off every couple of months... but there is an end in sight! I do see the light! I will be finished with my program December 18th. To most people that seems really far off but to me, after doing this for over a year 1/2, four 1/2 months seems like cake! Anyways...
Ted and I had a great weekend and have a ton of plans for this week.
Friday, I got out of school early because the class ahead of us graduated so we went over to some friend's house and had a great dinner and listened to some great music.
Saturday, we slept in, had a wonderful breakfast and then went for a bike ride. After that, we went to the High Dive for some amazing burgers (the spicy reed)... then we rode our bikes over to Record City and then home for some Coconut Curry and Panko chicken that I made. MMM!
Sunday, we made some breakfast and then our friends came over for a haircut and color. That was fun!!! Then Ted and I headed over to Sunset Cliffs for some mountain boarding *(just Ted) and we were able to see the beautiful sunset the cliffs are famous for. Then went home and watched an amazing french bug documentary called Microcosmos.
Monday, had to work but afterwards we went up to his Grandma's house for some spaghetti. It was so nice and there was another beautiful sunset that we got to see!
Today... well, today we're going to the Zoo after Ted gets off of work. They do this nighttime at the Zoo thing and it should be a lot of fun! I'll keep you posted on my amazing week to come!