My Old but New Love

2007 Spring Lucien

Oh, Claire Pettibone, you really do create some of the most beautiful, dreamy, romantic dresses I've ever seen! My heart just melts when I look at this dress! Too bad it's not made anymore, and even if it was, I couldn't afford such a beaut! Hmmm, do I see daring to attempt to recreate such a task?


I've Been Pondering...

the meaning of MY life for almost all of my life but as I get older, it seems to be pressing on me harder and I find myself thinking about it on a daily basis.
As most of you know, my biggest fear in life is ironically death. I'm so scared of death because it is inevitable. It IS going to happen but I don't know when, where, and under what circumstances. I'm slowly learning to accept death as an event that has to happen because I was born. I'm scared of a lot of things... flying in airplanes, heights, horror films... and I realize that I'm scared of all of these sort of things because I'm scared of dying. I don't want to die in an awfully painful death (I don't know who does) but rather die in my sleep at a very old age.
I guess the best thing I can do is really try to enjoy every single day that I'm on this earth and stop thinking about dying, it's going to happen so why stress about it?
Things I really want to accomplish in my life:
  • Become a very successful Cosmetologist and stay happy
  • Become a wife and great mother
  • Own my own home, and be able to make it perfectly mine (and Ted's of course)
  • Travel as much as possible, eat, drink and enjoy each place to the fullest
  • Stay in great health so I can do anything I set my heart to do
  • Find the meaning of my life!


I'm Back...

from fighting off a very persistant cold!

I'm feeling much better now! Ready to take on the world in front of me!

How can you not beam with happiness after watching this video? Gee, that little boy has some mooooves!


Alice In Wonderland

I'm working with a group of schoolmates on a Fashion Hair Show as a required group project in school. We had to come up with a theme and create everything around it. We came up with Alice in Wonderland as our theme and we have been having so much fun thinking of ways to do the hair and make up and of course the outfits! I watched the version below to get some inspiration!

I get to play the Queen of Hearts!!! Off with their heads...

Wedding Videos

Why couldn't I be at this incredible wedding? It looks like so much fun!!!

Monica + Rhett Wedding Highlight from IRIS AND LIGHT on Vimeo.


i {heart} Books

I just got finished with this one. It's a must read for anyone and everyone that wants to be a better person and enjoy life to the fullest!

I just started this one. It's wonderful so far. Kind of a different view on Christianity.