Happy Friday--Holiday Countdown

How is it that I wait for the Holidays all year long but when they finally come I'm so unprepared and it's almost like they snuck up on me?
I can't believe that there's only:
*12 days left until Thanksgiving
*41 days left until Christmas
Along with every other person in America, I am flat broke this year! This means I'm doing homemade presents for all my friends and family. I've been working on scarfs galore but I just found the cutest idea for making ornaments.

Take a look at these cuties!


Don't forget the Annual Julian Fall Apple Harvest ends tomorrow 11/15/08

Also on Tuesday, 11/18/08, Free Admission to some of the museums in Balboa Park:Japanese Friendship Garden, Museum of Man, Museum of Art, Art Institute of Living Artists, and Mingei International Museum.

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