We Got A Tree... Well Kinda

The lights are up and the stockings are hung, but where is The Tree?

This year we will be out of town for Christmas leaving our kitties with full reign of the house so we were debating even getting a tree, real or fake. A friend of mine gave me this small prelit upside down tree. It looks really weird but the story of the tree is when Europeans did it back in the Middle Ages it was to represent the Trinity (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) . Now-a-days Christmas trees have a pointy top that is supposed to point up to Christ. I guess if you have a ton of presents, the upside down tree could offer much more space "underneath the tree" but only if you can get over the fact that your tree is upside down.


  • 11 days till we leave for Virginia
  • 15 days till we leave for New York
  • 20 days till New Year's Eve

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