I Am Back... And Engaged!

There is so much to write about but where to begin!

As you know, Ted and I went to the east coast for Christmas this year. Well the trip was an absolute disaster! Our "adventure" started at 4:00am on December 23rd. We were headed out from San Diego, CA to Norfolk, VA. Unknown to us, there was an ice storm in Chicago and of course that's where our lay-over was. LONG story short, our flight out of Chicago was cancelled and we attempted to get on 3-4 stand-by flights but had no such luck! After about 12 hours of this nonsense we both were mentally and emotionally exhausted. I was of course crying my eyes out and Ted was keeping his cool to keep me from going insane!

Here's where the trip takes a major turn!!!
We were sitting on a bench in the airport just watching the snow continue to downpour and I was just counting the minutes passing us by, realizing that I wasn't going to be able to see some of my family... so of course I was still crying. I sat on Ted's lap and just held him for comfort. He was trying so desperately to lighten the mood so he asked me jokingly "What can I get you for Christmas, little girl?" and I responded as cheesy as it is, "You". He then reached into his book bag and started saying some of the kindest words to me. I didn't quite know exactly what was happening but I figured it out very quick when he brings out a "box". I was exhilarated! He asked me to marry him, right there in the airport, and of course I said YES!

As you can see, my eyes are red and swollen but in this picture, it's because I'm so happy!

This ring is so special, it's Ted's Great-Grandmother's engagement ring. I think it's about 100 years old. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm honored to get to wear it!

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