I've Been Pondering...

the meaning of MY life for almost all of my life but as I get older, it seems to be pressing on me harder and I find myself thinking about it on a daily basis.
As most of you know, my biggest fear in life is ironically death. I'm so scared of death because it is inevitable. It IS going to happen but I don't know when, where, and under what circumstances. I'm slowly learning to accept death as an event that has to happen because I was born. I'm scared of a lot of things... flying in airplanes, heights, horror films... and I realize that I'm scared of all of these sort of things because I'm scared of dying. I don't want to die in an awfully painful death (I don't know who does) but rather die in my sleep at a very old age.
I guess the best thing I can do is really try to enjoy every single day that I'm on this earth and stop thinking about dying, it's going to happen so why stress about it?
Things I really want to accomplish in my life:
  • Become a very successful Cosmetologist and stay happy
  • Become a wife and great mother
  • Own my own home, and be able to make it perfectly mine (and Ted's of course)
  • Travel as much as possible, eat, drink and enjoy each place to the fullest
  • Stay in great health so I can do anything I set my heart to do
  • Find the meaning of my life!

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