Lack of Postings...

Work has been totally nuts. Haven't even had the time to think of a blog post for the last week or so!!! I don't like it one bit!
Well, my family is due to arrive tonight at 11:30pm. They aren't able to stay through the holidays but it's wonderful to get to see them around Christmas! My Graduation is this Friday. It's so weird. I've been counting down this Graduation for two years now and now that it's here, I'm not as excited as I thought I'd be. It's almost sad that this long chapter is now finished and I have to move on, find a job and probably not talk to most of the girls I spent two years of my life with. It's bitter sweet. I'm very proud of myself for actually finishing. There were plenty of times that I just wanted out but some how, some way I have made it to the bitter end! And that sure does feel good!
We've got lots of fun stuff coming up... I'll keep you posted!

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