Roqulette Anyone?

Just like most folks, I had no clue what a Roqulette was. Well, how can you go wrong with a half wheel of expensive cheese, an assortment of goodies to dip into the cheese and great friends to share it with?

Our friends Liz and Witt put together this amazing dinner for New Years

Here's my lovely man about to dive into his meal

I'm just hanging out with a glass of wine while the cheese is melting...mmmm.

This is what the Roqulette looked like at the end of the night. Boy am I glad we weren't on cleaning duty!

This is our New Years video. I started filming too early so there's a little bit of jabbing going on before the ball drops... and yes, there's some kissing and "I love yous" so if that makes you squeemish, sorry! :)

Happy New Year to all!

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