President's Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great V-Day and President's Day.

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Our weekend started out by me making a bacon and cheese omelette and Ted made a berry smoothie for breakfast. So yummy! We watched the first disc of Shackleton and then went for a beautiful bike ride through the town. When we got back, Ted went with his buddy to fly kites down in Seaport Village while I opted to stay home and get our place back in order. We had wood floors put in so we were still trying to get all of our things in their places. Later on, we decided to take one of our friends out to dinner since she wouldn't be here on her actual bday (she was going to be in Thailand). So we tried Hamilton's but the line was about 40 people strong so we headed over to Station. I got the black bean burger with sweet potato fries and Ted got the turkey burger with tots. Soooo good! Then we rode our bikes home and I cut and colored my friends hair for her trip. Got to bed pretty late!

Sunday, (Valentine's Day) Ted woke up early and let me sleep in (how sweet). He made his famous spaghetti early in the morning so it could simmer in the crock pot all day. Once I got up and he made pancakes and bacon strips for breakfast. Perfect way to start our V-Day. Then we watched the second disc of Shackleton and just vegged out on the couch. We rode our bikes to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities for our dinner and came home and ate like kings! We had salad, garlic bread, and the most amazing spaghetti! I made little meatballs to go on top and we were surprisingly able to save some of them for meatball subs for dinner on Monday. It was a perfect V-Day if you ask me :)

Monday, Ted had to work but I had off. I just relaxed, didn't get out of bed till around 11. Actually woke up and read a chapter of my book . Snuggled with my kitties for a bit and then finally made my way to the shower. It was nice. Got some cleaning done and met up with Ted for lunch at Island's. Mmmm. So good. Then ran over to Walmart to get some essentials. Then home . We went for a nice long walk in the evening.

Perfect weekend! Just perfect!

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