Much Anticipated Invitation Suite

So, let me give you a little back story as to why we chose "bikes" as our theme for our Wedding Invites. Ted loves to ride his bike! Everywhere! I, on the other hand, was never a bike riding kinda gal. That's until I met Ted. He enlightened me about the beauty of riding bikes. No gas money wasted, getting exercise and most of all, spending time with loved ones! Who wouldn't want to ride a bike? It was very tough at first... I mean cursing anything that stood in my way, wanting to punch Ted for making me do this awful thing he called bike riding... but as time went by and as I got in better shape, it (I can't believe I'm saying this) actually became fun and I now understand why people love it so much...
So without further adieu... I now present my DIY invite suite!
Save The Dates
R.S.V.P. Cards

For the programs, I'm planning on doing this
{Stay Tuned:}
I will post a DIY on how I did these when I get a second!

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