Wonderful Weekend

To start off this past weekend, Saturday morning I was asked to help do the hair for a family for their daughter's Quinceanera. Basically, curls, curls and more curls. I'll post the pictures of the updo's when I learn how to transfer them from my phone to the computer. :) It was a lot of fun! Then, later that day, my friend came over to get her hair and makeup done for a wedding! After that, a couple of friends came over and we had some wine and pizza. Mmmm. It was so yummy!

Sunday, Ted and I made some Soyrizo and egg tacos for breakfast and decided to ride our bikes up to the Hillcrest Farmers Market. That was great! The food was amazing! Lots of fresh veggies and fruits to look at! We left with our bellies full of gyros, one HUGE pear and a peach, baby heirloom tomatoes & some apple scented inscence. Then off to Ross to do some perusing. We didn't really find anything so we left and went to get some gelato. Walked around for a bit. Then rode our bikes home! Okay, I know you're not supposed to brag on yourself, but here I go...

This was the furthest I had ever ridden my bike. Over all, it was great!

Then we came home, watched True Blood and made some Andouille sausage with white cream pasta. It was so good!

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  1. Mmmmm Soyrizo. When regular rizo just wont do.


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