Ted's Birthday

I was fortunate enough to have Ted's birthday off from school... I secretly planned for us (including some of our friends) to have dinner at this awesome Indian place called Monsoon. We walked down from our house, only a 15 minute walk, and had some amazing dinner with friends. There were a few "highlights" of the evening but my favorite was one of Ted's birthday gifts from Wes and Rita. It's called an "Uglydoll" and her name is Fea Bea.
Mind you we are in a nice restaurant and Fea Bea is placed in an empty chair at the table... our food comes and for the last entree to be dropped, our friend Mark points to Fea Bea as the recipient. We all started laughing so hard! It was ridiculous!
Also, there were balloons on the table and Ted moved them to take a picture and one of them hit the chandelier and popped. It was so loud that one of the babies at the next table started crying... Just a typical night out for us.

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  1. Happiest of birthdays to Ted. I am glad he had a very special day. Love you both.


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