Weekend Recap

I had such a wonderful weekend!
Saturday, Ted and I woke up and had a great breakfast... well, sorta great! We are trying out all these gluten free products and um, the pancakes are um, interesting. The flavor is fine, it's just the texture that is really odd. Anyways, we finished up breakfast and headed up to Ramona to celebrate our friend Wes' birthday at his mom's house. The weather was warm, but not swimming pool-bathing suit warm (good thing bc I don't think I'm quite "summer ready", ya know!) Well, after the party we came home and ate some delicious grilled chicken street tacos and watched a marathon of Seinfeld!
Then Sunday, we woke up extra early, had some delicious soyrizo tacos for breakfast and decided that we were going to ride our bikes to the Zoo! Let me start off by saying that the ride isn't easy... there's a steady increase almost the entire way there. Last time we attempted to do this, I had an asthma attack, an anxiety attack and pretty much a pity party all at once BUT this time, I made it all the way! Ted was so cute, he was encouraging me the whole way : ) Well, we got to the zoo right after they opened and all the animals were out and about and very active. I took my camera and made a little slideshow of our trip...

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