Another Wonderful Weekend

Well, my Spring Break is now officially over but I'm refreshed and re-charged and ready to take on the "real world" again.

After work, Ted and I packed up the car and headed out to beautiful Joshua Tree National Park. The weather was pretty ugly on the way up but cleared once we entered the park.
We weren't able to find a campsite so we hiked out off the trail about 25 minutes or so up and over a huge rock formation (the one straight ahead in the picture below)
Carrying our packs and gallons of water wasn't the hardest part, the wind was blowing freezing air and was really sorta painful.
Once we reached our friends, we plopped down our packs and relaxed.
Our friends, Wes and Rita, made a huge pot of delicious chili. We forgot to bring a ladel but the can worked just fine!

Once the sun went down, it got FREEZING! I had on every single layer I brought and I was still cold!

We all tried to get some sleep and woke up bright and early Saturday morning and all decided to climb this pretty sizeable rock formation about a 5 minute hike away.

Here's the view from the top of that one!

Behind us is a rock formation about double in height... we all were determined to give that one a try

This is from the base of the formation

Here's the view from the top of this one... well, we couldn't actually get to the very top... but close enough

We all hiked back, grabbed a cold one and took a nap!
We made some dinner, lit a fire and looked up at the endless amount of stars
We woke up Easter Sunday morning, drove to Denny's and had a good old fashion Easter Breakfast. After that, Ted and I drove straight to his parent's house to spend the rest of the day with them and had a wonderful dinner!

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  1. Wow, this is beautiful. I haven't been backpacking since last fall, but at least I'm doing some camping while on vacation in Florida next week. Sometimes it does a soul good to escape to the woods for a bit..


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