I'm Starting To Realize...

that we are not immortal and our loved ones do pass on.
My Grandpa Ed was a heavy smoker, always over weight and just about the sweetest man I've ever met. He kept to himself but we always knew that he loved us. Over the weekend, I got a call from my mom saying that he was in the hospital and was diagnosed with heart and lung disease. He was hooked up to a ventilator because he could no longer breathe on his own. The doctors determined that his heart disease had progressed too far to do surgery and the family would have to decide how long to keep him on the ventilator. After everyone got to the hospital, they all decided it was best to take him off and hope for the best. Surprisingly, things started to look up. He was sitting up, talking, and eating. The doctors gave him morphine for his pain and made sure that he was comfortable. He was doing okay until about 5:30am on Wednesday when things turned for the worse. He stopped breathing on his own and he passed away. I am so thankful that he didn't die alone. He had family and friends with him to help him during his final hours. I know that he is no longer in pain and I hope he has found peace in a better place. I'm working on finding my peace.
Grandpa Ed, you are forever in my thoughts and prayers. I love you.

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  1. Your grandpa Ed was so proud of you and Justin ..... he will be missed but he suffers no more and is in a peaceful place... love you!


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