Please Continue

to save our Earth!
I know Earth Day has officially come and gone but please don't let it be a one day a year thing!
It should be an Everyday thing!
JoAnn over at Smitten wrote an article "30 Little Ways To Save The Planet"
Take a look, it's pretty easy to "Go Green" and really make a difference!
I thought these were pretty great!
Catalog Choice- Choose to stop the delivery of unwanted catalogs
Freecycle- Become part of a community where people "donate" unwanted items to eachother
Also, whatever you do, please stop using plastic bags! Please, please please! I am just as guilty as the next person... I'll forget one of my 6 totes I bought and opt for paper bags (thinking I'm doing a good thing) but in all actuality, paper bags are even worse because they use more energy to make. So for the sake of the planet, please use totes!
I had heard of this "island" composed completely of trash (mostly plastic bags) that is twice the size of Texas. Now people, that is just disgusting! Take a look at this article, it really puts things into perspective!
"E" is the Trash Island!

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