Another Wonderful Weekend

Well, another weekend has come and gone...
Saturday, Ted and I rode our bikes up to the Zoo and checked out the new Elephant Odyssey (which was amazing!) and then we attended a house party with some friends. We had a blast! The weather was perfect! The food was awesome! And of course the drinks were flowing :)
Sunday, we made some breakfast and watched a Netflix. Then some of our friends came over to visit and have some lunch! Then Ted's sister and her fiance came over to listen to the wedding music Ted has created for the two of them. It makes me cry just listening to it! How cool is it that they get a completely custom, one of a kind, wedding ceremony music? Anyways, I did his sister's hair and we talked about what we were going to do for makeup on the "big day". Then we walked up to Luigi's for some pizza and stopped by the bakery for some dessert!
All in all, the weekend was GREAT!

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