Two Save The Dates?

As you all know, we had some beautiful engagement pictures taken a little while ago and I had plans to send out an Engagement Announcement to everyone. Well, we got engaged in December and it's already June... so an announcement doesn't seem necessary anymore but I still want to send out an "announcement" of our wedding since we are having a very intimate ceremony (50 people) and there are a lot of people that won't be joining us for our special day. I don't want anyone to feel completely left out, you know?
So, Ted and I have come up with a plan. Send out 2 Save the Dates.
The first one is more or less a "Wedding Announcement" (including one of our engagement pictures) and the second will be the actual Save the Date invitation.
We got in our Shutterfly order of 100 pictures for less than $15. The quality isn't amazing but it is definately worth the $15!

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