MDA & Father's Day

On Saturday, we were invited to the MD Tailgate BBQ and a Padres game. It was pretty good last year so we decided that we'd go with Ted's family and a couple of friends. The BBQ was great! Drinks and icecream were free! The weather was overcast and sorta perfect actually. We decided to go to a tavern near by in between the BBQ and the game because we were craving nachos and wanted to get them for a decent price... not stadium price. We sat at a booth with the game on right behind us and we decided to just stay there and watch the game! All in all, the day was great!

Then, Sunday morning, our friends came over for a french toast and bloody mary breakfast! We met up with Ted's parents to take the hike up to see his grandparents (about 1.5 hours away). The weather couldn't have been nicer! It was about 85 with a perfect breeze! We had BBQ again but who's counting :) It was such a pleasant Father's day!

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