Mock Board

Do you ever have days that you stress about them getting here for so long that once they're here, they're already gone? That was yesterday for me.

I am in Cosmetology school and we had a "mock board" exam yesterday (meaning our teacher treated this midterm as if we were at the real State Board exam. There was no talking, we used real people to do our timed procedures on, and we were graded on every single thing we did.

I'm normally okay under pressure but right before we started, my friend hadn't shown up yet and I started to panic. She was on her way through traffic but we were starting already. She showed up literally in the last minute but everything worked out just fine. I got my confidence back after the first procedure and I think over all I did very well. I completed 4 out of the 5 procedures. The last one was what they call a "State Board Set" and this is to demonstate all hairstyling techniques without tools. You fingerwave the entire head, then use rollers, stand-up pincurls and forward and backward pincurls. This was my first time doing it on a real person, we normally do this on our doll heads. Well, I almost finished! I had 4 more pincurls to do when the buzzer went off. Oh well! I did my best!

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